APIs for Documents

Automate document management & streamline your digital operations easily

How our APIs simplify your digital operations.

Deliver customer delight with more flexible processes

Create documents with  event triggers

Created automatically when transactions, bookings, or any key events, as defined by you, occur


Control when & how to send the documents

Get the right timing to send the document links to your customers, in any channel they prefer.

Retrieve & manage documents

Use our API to query information, or retrieve documents inside your own platform. Out of box solution, plug & play.


Reasons to manage documents with our APIs

Faster turnaround

Zero document preparation time. Get your documents in front of your stakeholders in matters of seconds.

Better Customer Experience

Customers get to receive documents when they expect to. No more waiting.

Lower ops cost

Leverage on automation that is significantly cheaper than unit labor cost

No staff availability issues

Documents digitally prepared & retrieved at any time of the day, 24/7.

Out of box solution

Integrate the use of our APIs into your processes. No integration required.

Scales with your business

Use APIs only as required. Flexible & easy.

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