Frequently Asked Questions

How does Claver work?

Claver provides a library of Agreements you need, meshed together with a digital signature solution. Unlike our competitors, you don't have to create your own templates and e-signature solutions.

Just fill in a short form to tackle the key fields of an Agreement and get the ball rolling in just a few minutes. No more endless searches for the "correct" template and no more agonizing whether or not its the right fit for you. Perfect for freelancers and small businesses!

How does Claver protect my interests?

Claver takes User protection very seriously. Here's what we do:

• We use cryptographic means to achieve industry grade protection when dealing with digital signatures;
• Each Agreement has its own digital fingerprint, making it unique and preventing forgery;
• Key actions done on an Agreement are time-stamped, so the actual sequence of events can be mapped out to prove that an action or decision has taken place;
• Claver's Reputation system provides a track record of its users, determined through their actions, to help you determine the trustworthiness of your partners.

What happens if there's a contractual breach? What can I do?

At Claver, we do our utmost to ensure that breaches won't happen, by striving to be as transparent and clear as possible, and having the Reputation feature there as another layer of protection.

That being said, we help you get prepared for situations involving potential breaches. In such an event, all digital data pertaining to an Agreement can be viewed both online and downloaded in PDF formats. The digital data can be used to support your claims when using the services of legal professionals.

Therefore, while Claver cannot represent you in court like lawyers could, the clear documentation and cryptographically protected digital agreements from Claver will help you prove your case through cryptographically proving that the Agreement is real & authentic, and it was definitely signed by your Counterparty.

Claver helps you prove your case in front of a judge, and protect your rights much better than fraud-prone paper documentation.

How many Agreements can I send each month?

As a Claver PRO user, you have access to all the tools and can create an unlimited number of Agreements.

If you are trying us out or decided to use a $0 BASIC plan, you can send up to 3 Agreements for free. 

Can I view previous Agreements, even if they have ended?


Signed active Agreements, and those which have ended, can all be accessed via the Vault page.

Does everyone signing the Agreement require a Claver account?

TL;DR: Yes - you need a Claver account to digitally sign agreements. In return you get additional assurance and build your reputation as a trusted, legitimate individual or business.

Yes, and let us explain why we are doing it differently from other digital signature services.

Claver is more than a digital signature solution. We care about building a network of trusted and reputed professionals that can strike deals with one another easily. In fact, Claver Reputation is one of our cornerstone features that you don't find in many other places.

To achieve this goal, we require al Claver users to have an account created with a verified email to establish a secure identity before signing anything.

By asking your contact to do a one-time step to create a Claver account to sign off your document also benefits you. It reduces the risk of random individuals signing off your Agreement with fake credentials and therefore invalidating any legal protection you thought you had.

By using your Claver accounts to sign all subsequent agreements, you and your partners also strongly benefit from establishing a verifiable track record for having a Reputation of honouring agreements - an extremely valuable asset for you demonstrate to future business partners to just how trustworthy you are.

Do I have the option to cancel an Agreement?

Yes, you can do all within Claver!

In th Agreement detailed view, there is an option to propose ending an Agreement. Once you have indicated your decision to end the agreement, your counterparty will be notified to get a mutual agreement to end it. The Agreement officially ends once all signatory parties consent to ending the Agreement.

What if I need an Agreement but the template is not yet available on Claver?

No problem! There're two ways to manage this.

1) Use our Custom Agreement Template. Simply copy the text from any existing Agreement templates you already use, and paste it into the special template. Then, send out for signing like usual.

2) Contact us, and tell us that you need this specific new template regularly; we are happy to produce the templates that you need as it will also benefit the community!

As an added bonus, if we produce your suggested template, we'll offer a FREE month of Claver Pro as our way of thanking you.

What is the Reputation system in Claver? How does it work?

Claver's unique Reputation feature works by providing clarity to both parties about each others' trustworthiness.

Users can build up a good business standing and reputation by signing Agreements and concluding them without incidents. You can easily project yourself as a trustworthy business or partner at a glance, increasing your credibility for the counterparty to see.

The system also lets you know the trust level of your proposed partner before you sign an Agreement - this allows you to evaluate risks before you enter into a working relationship.

What is the Claver TLDR  mode? What does it mean?

TLDR stands for Too Long Didn't Read. Or, an executive summary if you will.

Claver's TLDR mode converts legalese into simple layman's terms, to clarify everything at the click of a button. We highlight the key points of Agreements so you can understand all the information quickly, make sure you do not miss  any "fine print", and understand what you would be signing.

What does the Claver Pro Plan offer?

When you become a Claver Pro member, you immediately get access to the following:

• The ability to create an UNLIMITED number of agreements
• Access to all templates, including any Pro agreements
• Advanced Reputation metrics to know whether you are getting into an agreement with a reputable business or person

There is, however, no limit to how many agreements you can receive and sign. Rest assured that your counterparty will be able to sign ALL your Agreements, even if the chose to be on the BASIC plan.

How much does it cost to use Claver?

Claver PRO costs $10 per month to use. It’s a flat fee to access all the features. If you no longer require a PRO plan, you can cancel - on your own - at any time.

No confusing annual or monthly prices, no complicated processes to cancel subscription.

For lite users, or for those who wants to try it out first, we also offer a $0 BASIC plan. 

Can I try it out first without using a Pro plan?

Yes, and it's pretty simply. Simply sign up for an account and you're automatically a $0 Basic plan user.

You can try out most of the features within Claver, and send up to 3 Agreements. There's no time limit for this. We hope you can use this time to decided whether Claver is the right tool for you.

Oh, and there are no limits to how many Agreements you can receive and sign. Pretty sweet isn’t it? 

How do I upgrade or cancel my subscription?

If you want to change your subscription plan, you can locate the Subscription section on your own via your profile page to make the changes directly & quickly. You don’t have to contact any one. 

We love simplicity.