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Showcase Street Cred

Show your past clients, their testimonials, and platform ratings. Agreements made on Claver will back up your claims.  

Close Deals Faster

Send agreements out as links. Once clients are convinced of your worth, get them to commit and eSign agreements quickly.

Verified Testimonials

Agreements signed on Claver will prove that you have worked with your references. Prove your achievements are 100% real.

Save Time

Takes as little as 2 minutes to fill up new agreements that bear your logo, and send them out shortly after.

And, land more gigs from better clients


Clients are more likely to hire freelancers who can prove their worth with good track records & testimonials to back them up


Clients perceive freelancers as more professional & competent if asked to sign agreements digitally


Clients would choose to hire others if asked to endure admin hassle such as signing PDF or paper agreements

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From a simple sign up to publishing your street cred, all in same day. Curate it anytime you want.

Less fuss. More Benefits.

Saves Time

Take only minutes to draft and send out a document. Streamline key business processes through using structured templates.

Streamline Business Processes

Get your clients to provide their own information inside the same document to save yourself confirmation calls or emails. Faster turnaround means more sales.

Smart Documents

Do what paper documents cannot achieve - delight with videos. End agreements with feedback. Retract agreements to edit typos. And more!

Secure Deals Quickly

Delight clients. Let them sign off their decisions directly in your smart document without admin hassle.

Increase Business Channels

We increase the number of ways you can conduct your business - send out the document links in chat windows, texts, or emails.

Automatic Updates

We notify you once your clients have signed your agreement.


What will Street Cred show my clients?

You can curate and list the following to show your clients - past clients, testimonials, platform ratings (e.g. Upwork & Fiverr), and links to your work.

If you have signed agreements with your clients using Claver, we will show these past clients and testimonials as verified.

How much does it cost to use Claver?

It's free to sign up for a basic Claver account. Standard services - including Street Cred - are available for occasional use at zero cost.

There are also affordable subscription plans for users who needs to use more features on Claver or have more specific needs.

What will my Street Cred page Iook like?

Seeing is believing. A sample page would look like this.
<URL Link>

I have a more specific question. How can I find out more?

Head over our Support site to get your answer immediately if it has been asked by someone else before.

Otherwise, reach us directly using the means provided inside your Claver account.

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