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Claver makes your digital documents smart, dynamic, and easy for team-mates, clients, and partners to work with you.

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One flexible tool to amplify your business

Communicate better, secure signed-off decisions faster, or use verified testimonials to look stronger. Achieve them all with Claver.

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How businesses achieve more with Claver

Digital agreements with clients & partners

Draft, send, and manage digital agreements with Claver to streamline the time consuming & routine business operations.

Document links that bring products & services to life

Send digital quotations as links via DMs or emails. Use YouTube videos to show what you offer, and how you deliver to make an impact.

Establish credibility with Verified Testimonials

Seek & display Testimonials from partners and clients. Recommendations become verified when backed by  agreements.

Digitalize Operations

Trim the time spent on managing hours-long routine processes, down to mere minutes. Sometimes, all you want is to become a better, faster, and stronger business.

Simple steps to start making things happen

From a simple sign up to sending that first document to a client , all in the same day.

Less fuss. More Benefits.

Saves Time

Take minutes to draft and send out a document. Simplify your routine business processes through structured templates.

Simplify Business Processes

Provide a guided experience for your team and external partners to fill up the customisable portions and sign it quickly.

Smart Documents

Do things that paper documents cannot - Demonstrate services with videos. Provide direct feedback to an ended agreement. Retract documents to edit typos. And more!

Secure Deals Quickly

Let customers & partners sign off their decisions conveniently inside your smart documents without admin hassle. Delight them.

Increase Business Channels

Distribute your documents as links. Secure decisions & signatures directly via DMs, texts, emails, on platforms your customers prefer.

Automatic Updates

Get notified when your documents are signed. No more time wasted on "check-ins"

Team Collaboration

Assign Collaborators to draft and handle the operational tasks and Signatories can sign them off when everything is in order. Be Agile.

Establish Business Credibility

Ask for testimonials from clients & partners you have signed an agreement with. Choose to display signature-verified recommendations on a public page.


What kind of documents can I send out with Claver?

Any documents you are seeking signed off decisions or signatures for. It's extremely flexible.

How much does it cost to use Claver?

The Business Pro plan comes with 5 user seats, and costs $30 per month. This works out to less than $1 a day, for each person in your team.

If you have larger team with specific needs, please connect with us to allow us to tailor something great for you. The quickest way to reach us via our Live Chat.

Is there a preview of what my clients might experience when I send my smart documents with Claver?

Absolutely. Here are several sample documents which shows how Claver is supporting one of our partner clients.

I have a more specific question. How can I find out more?

Reach us directly with the Live Chat. It's quick and we love talking to our customers.

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