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Software License Agreement Template • Claver

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Software License Agreement Template • Claver

What is a Software License Agreement?

A software license agreement is an agreement between your company and your customers for use of the software that you developed and have the rights to. As an extension of your rights, a Software License Agreement defines for your customers what they are allowed to do with your asset that they have paid to access.

A good Agreement is fit for purpose

A good Software License Agreement will use simple language as far as possible to help your customers easily understand the possibilities and limitations of what they paid for.  Using simple language and having good-enough conditions will better communicate and help your customers to follow your requirements much more easier, thereby sustaining a good working relationship. Such an agreement is -what we call - fit for purpose.

It pays to maintain that good working relationship as it keep the doors open to further opportunities (hello, upselling; hello repeat customers!), while adequately protecting your interests.

The last thing you want is an unnecessarily complex Software License Agreement because it can backfire, and deter people from working with you. You could be limiting your business opportunities without knowing it.

Claver’s Software License Agreement Template

The Software License Agreement template is available for free use when you sign in into your Claver account. This template is currently used by active technology startup(s) which are pretty happy with it. Simple, fit-for-purpose, and no complaints so far!

What is CLAVER?

Claver helps you set up DIY fit-for-purpose Agreements easily, quickly, and affordably.  Simpler is always better.

To find out why we are doing this, read more about us here.

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