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NDAs in Recruitment

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NDAs in Recruitment

Welcome to another installment of our blog here at Claver, where today will be the focus on perhaps a unique or lesser-heard-of facet of the working world - NDAs (non-disclosure Agreements) for interviews.

First of all, let's tackle the WHY of this venture - why is there a need for an NDA prior to an interview?

In certain industries, candidates being interviewed could potentially be exposed to proprietary or sensitive information during the recruitment process. The possibility of the discussion of confidential information is often a given in interview situations, so an NDA in this case adds an extra layer of safety.

On the flipside, companies will go the NDA route to compel the subject being interviewed not to reveal private information from their past/current employers. This tactic ensures integrity for both parties and each can be protected by the Agreement accordingly.

...And this is where Claver steps in!

For the interviewer: Claver's simple plug and play system allows for an easily reproduceable NDA, whenever and wherever you need it. There's zero wasted time on making documents from scratch or having to shuffle previously signed Agreements into some sort of archive. Additionally, build your business' Reputation as a good hirer through the signing and completion of NDAs - Claver's Reputation feature gives interviewees at-a-glance information and breathe a sigh of relief.

For the interviewee: No suddenly sprung-on document that you have to leaf through in the few precious minutes before an interview. No surprises about what you're agreeing to. Once signed, you can refer back to the Agreement at any time. Using Claver, you can build a trust-based relationship with your potential employer from step one onwards.

For both: simple, clear-cut Agreements that ensure integrity and establish a trusted working relationship. How Claver is that?!

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