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Holding Deposit Agreement Template

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Tamara Kroger
Holding Deposit Agreement Template

At Claver, we're always trying to find yet another layer of protection for our users, to bring the world closer to a day where safe, reputable Agreements are the norm, not the exception.

Thus the Claver Holding Deposit Agreement was born.

In certain situations, entering into an Agreement with another party requires a deposit for services rendered, products or samples provided, and so on. Whether that Agreement is with a new client or a previous one, the Holding Deposit Agreement is a way to clearly outline terms and provide a document of integrity between both parties.

On the Claver site, our Holding Deposit Agreement is fully customizable - you can list the terms, final deadline for receiving the deposit, the deposit forfeiture terms and dates, and more.

Using this Agreement with your clients, what you get is not only more peace of mind, but stronger business relationships and a much more valued reputation. No more vanishing samples, unclear terms, no more awkward paper contracts or photographic images of contracts without a real paper trail ... just another layer of protection for Small Businesses everywhere. How Claver is that?

Feel free to join our Telegram channel or send us a Twitter DM to tell us what you think! We would love to hear your ideas to see how we can work together to make Claver your go-to platform for Digital Agreements.

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