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Freelancer Statement of Work Template

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Freelancer Statement of Work Template

What is a "Statement of Work"?

It describes what your project is and what it involves. It will detail down key aspects including the scope, deliverables, specifications, and of course price and payment to align the expectations of both client and the contractor.

The freelancer or contractor is usually the one that initiates and drafts this document.  

A good Statement of Work is fit for purpose

A good Statement of Work will use simple language to clearly describe the project's key aspects so as to manage your customers' expectations early on. Having easy-to-understand conditions will also ensure better communication, laying the foundation for a good working relationship with your clients. Such an agreement is - what we call - fit for purpose.

Do not be put off in being specific in the Statement of Work. Sorting out the details now with your client is largely seen as professional, and not 'annoying' as most freelancers would believe.  Sorting out the mess when the project moves closer to the deadline is a much messier affair, which both parties are definitely looking to avoid.  

The last thing you want is an unnecessarily complex agreement, because it can backfire and deter people from working with you. You could be limiting your business opportunities without being aware of it!

As a freelancer, it's worth noting that you benefit a lot from drafting a Statement of Work:  

• Enhanced Reputation: Seen as a professional and a clear communicator.

• Saves Time & Cost: No messy pivots or cleanups due to miscommunications.

• Increase Earnings: A happy customer is likely to become a repeat customer and generate strong referrals.

Claver’s Statement of Work Template

Feel free to use the standard template from Claver! This template is currently used by active freelancers and small studios, whose glowing feedback and reviews are so important to us here at Claver.

Our freelancer Statement of Work template is available for free ($0). Get yourself a free account here and you are good to go!

Applicable For: Freelancers, Indie Developers; for standard or routine assignments.

Notes: For each client, you may need to send a General Terms & Conditions agreement along with your Statement of Work.

Difference between the two: a) The Statement of Work deals with the project. It describes specific aspects such as the deliverables and deadline for it.  Therefore, a customised Statement of Work has to be provided for each project.

b) The General Terms & Conditions deals with how you run your business operations to your client. You can do it once and do it right when drafting a GT&C, and use it for all subsequent projects moving forward!

c) When used together, the conditions brought forth in T&C usually overwrite the ones in Statement of Work.  

What is CLAVER?

Claver helps you set up DIY fit-for-purpose Agreements easily, quickly, and affordably.  Simpler is always better.

To find out why we are doing this, read more about us here.

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