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Freelancer General Terms and Conditions Template

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Freelancer General Terms and Conditions Template

What does a General Terms and Conditions do?

Its objective is to help your client understand what he should do make sure his  project gets completed successfully on specifications, on time, and within budget.  

A good General Terms and Conditions is fit for purpose

A good General Terms and Conditions (GT&C) needs two things.

Firstly, it needs to align with your business model and operations. For example, if you need to pay your business expenses under a 30-day cycle, you would want to include in your T&C that your payment terms is less than a month - say 14 days from invoice date.  

Secondly, it needs to written in simple language and brief. Include only vital points where without these specific contributions from your client, you cannot deliver the project successfully. The trap, however, is to include many other provisions that are unlikely to happen (e.g. once in a freak incident). You would end up with a long GT&C that can convince and confuse your client into believing he is shouldering a lot of unfair responsibilities. You might be scaring him off to choose another freelancer that is easier to work with. Consider using an 80-20 approach to make your GT&C fit-for-purpose.

Need to deal with edge cases? Avoid coming up with specific provisions to deal with each of them. Consider grouping edge cases, and use general conditions to deal with them - mutually agree what these deviations are, determine the changes and new fees involved. Not only does this present a friendly and flexible way to manage many types of situations, it creates a more open working relationship with  your clients too.


Claver’s General Terms and Conditions Template

Claver provides a free template if you sign up for a free account. You only have to fill up a couple of customizable fields and send it out for review and sign off within minutes. The best part - this can all be done digitally and virtually.

Our Freelancer Terms and Condition template is available for use - you just have to sign up for a free account here.

What is CLAVER?

Claver helps you set up DIY fit-for-purpose Agreements easily, quickly, and affordably.  Simpler is always better.

To find out more about what Claver is doing, please visit us at our website. Or better still, talk to us directly on our Telegram Channel!

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