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Claver Feature Focus - Starter Packs

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Tamara Kroger
Claver Feature Focus - Starter Packs

Over the past several months, the busy bees at Claver have been working hard behind the scenes to give our user base a better, faster and more convenient Agreement experience.

Today we'll focus on one feature that perhaps you may not have noticed - Starter Packs!

Upon jumping to the New Agreement page, you'll be greeted with a brand-spankin' new dropdown menu.

Claver Starter Pack feature
Claver Starter Pack Feature in action

When you click for the drop-down options, you will see an array of Agreements, sorted by function - and with the handy addition of Starter Packs.

Within each Starter Pack is a collection of the most-asked for Agreements for each specific pack type, gathered together here for ease of accessibility. When your most necessary Agreements are at your fingertips, you can make the most of your time and move onto bigger and better things! How totally Claver is that?!

Have an idea for a Starter Pack and would like to chat? Join our Telegram channel or send us a Twitter DM and let us know what you're thinking! We love chatting and discussing great new ideas to get us a step further towards higher customer satisfaction.

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