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Claver Feature Focus - Direct Signatures

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Claver Feature Focus - Direct Signatures

Big news - Claver has just become more clever (we love puns)! Introducing our newest major product feature: Claver Direct Signatures

What is it?

Direct Signatures lets you send out your drafted digital agreements as a hyperlink. Your intended party will be able to open it, review it, and sign it all in the same place.

It doesn’t matter whether the other party is a current user of Claver, they will be able to sign it. Period. 

Direct Signatures in action

How can I do more with Direct Signatures?

The first obvious benefit would be how much administrative burden this removes. Not just for you, but for your client also.  

The ability to send out your Claver digital agreement as a link, also means you now have much more flexibility to conduct business, in a way that fits the context. Inside a speedy text message?  Done! A chat box inside another platform? No problem. Still want to send it through a personalised email? Sure thing - go for it.

The possibilities are endless, and you are no longer restricted in how you want your digital agreements to be signed in order to formalise your business dealings.

The Problem It Solves

Typical Convoluted Process: Signing PDF or Word doc Agreements

Firstly, let's all admit how much the current way of getting an agreement signed monumentally sucks. It is convoluted and unnecessarily complex. It's typically a 9-step clumsy waltz between you and your business partner, just to get things formalized.

With Claver's Direct Signatures, you will manage the whole process with just one link, embedded in a communication channel that you prefer. Once sent, your partner can review and sign it, all in the same space using a single step process.  

Claver Direct Signature process - all in one place, all with one link.

Fact of the matter is, by choosing to use Claver Direct Signatures, you are also choosing to reduce administrative burden for your clients & partner. This thoughtful gesture should put you in a favourable light and by default, ahead of your competition.

End Result: Simple & Impactful

To your clients, it will say a lot about working with you - professional, easy to work with, always working in the interest of your clients. It will leave a deeper & better impression for the current deal, and subsequent ones. Which client wouldn’t like that? Talk about building better business relationships for the longer haul. 

Now, THIS is a profound and powerful change.

Level Up your business with Claver

In closing, Direct Signatures would help you get in front of your competitors in presenting your deal. Let your competitors continue with tedious and sloppy document signing processes with multiple copies of PDF print outs for signatures that take days to settle.

Claver is all about helping you add gravitas and street cred to your business, and build better relationships with your partners. If you are new to us, welcome and please check us out. And if you are already using Claver, well aren’t you a clever one? Now there’s one more benefit you are gaining. 

Until next time! In fact, we have already working on the next big thing to make Claver even better. Watch this space!

Kevin Chua

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