Smart document solutions that simplify digital operations

Dynamic documents made simple for your clients, customers & partners to work with you.

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Actionable Templates & eSignatures

Request & obtain key information from your audience with Claver's actionable templates. Then, digitally sign and get down to business in minutes.

How It Works
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TLDR Summaries

Turn complicated texts into simple sentences to ensure key details are understood accurately & quickly.

More Nifty Features
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Business Street Cred

Agreements Signed

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Verified Testimonials

Seek and display recommendations from partners and clients you are working with, backed by their signatures so others know they are 100% real

One tool, many applications

Digital agreements, quotations, consent forms, or any thing you require signed-off acknowledgements. Do it all with Claver.

Why Use Claver

Secure Decisions Quickly

Agreements that take days and weeks to draft and sign, can now be completed by all parties easily within minutes. Simplify your business operations & get results faster.

Build Testimonials

Obtain and display signature-backed Testimonials from past partners, clients to get even more partners and clients.

Align & Communicate Better

Provide simple TLDR summaries to help all parties understand the key points of your business arrangement quickly & clearly.

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