Digital agreement solutions, fit for your business needs

Business owners & freelancers save time, build better relationships, and enhance their reputations by using Claver to draft, e-sign & store digital agreements

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Actionable Templates & Digital Signatures.

Have the right party provide key information with Claver's actionable templates. Then, digitally sign  and get down to business in minutes.

How It Works
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TLDR Summaries.

Translate long, complicated texts into simple sentences to make sure key details are understood accurately & quickly.

More Nifty Features
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Business Street Cred

Agreements Signed

Completed Successfully


Build Reputation.

Completing agreements successfully (or not) will go into constructing an objective, peer-endorsed persona for your business, without any additional effort on your part.

Present your business and yourself as well-trusted entities.

Convert templates with just one step.

Convert your existing documents into actionable templates in Claver simply by uploading the documents. No configuration or setup effort required.

Why Use Claver

Secure Deals Quickly

Agreements that used to take days to complete over multiple rounds of emails, now take only minutes to do. Deals can be closed more quickly now with Claver.

Build Testimonials

Use your Reputation as testimonials to get better clients, negotiate for better terms, and project street cred.

Fraud Protection

Claver uses cryptography to create unique digital fingerprints to help verify the authenticity of documents & identities of signatories.

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